About Us

Robert Barclay Limited (RBL) was established in 1987 and then in 2005 RB Productions Limited (RBP) was formed to separate the quickly expanding hire side of the business from the event & production management company.

Robbie born in Sydney, Australia, arrived in Auckland, New Zealand in 1987, pillow in hand via a one way ticket at the end of a Doctor Feelgood tour with the plan to stay and build a career and new life in New Zealand, which is when he set up RBL, Robbie originally got into the industry from playing professional in bands throughout Australia from his early teens on, then moved on to being a very successful live audio engineer and from there into production management. He has worked in all areas of production in the entertainment industry, from theatre to touring rock shows to large concerts & events, television, festivals and corporate events , directly for the artist or event and for some of the entertainment industries most respected promoters as the promoters rep.

Seeing a gap in the New Zealand market for teleprompters, autocue & speech prompters in 1987 he imported QCP software and hardware from New York (pre internet days) and provided the first computer based speech prompting system in New Zealand under the banner of Cued-Up,.

In 1998 RBL bought a hand full of backline from Livesound and set up a small backline hire company which was developed into what is now NZ Backline Hire, one of the largest suppliers of backline in New Zealand. For the last 17 years Tony Flett, one of the most sought after stage managers and backline techs in New Zealand has kept all NZ Backline Hire equipment in premium condition for rental by the many famous, and some that will be one day, musicians. Tone runs the place like a well-oiled machine.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Robert Barclay Ltd provides a number of services.


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